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From The Blogosphere:

"The single is pure euphoria. It masterfully combines the glistening shoegaze of Ride and Slowdive, the epic Gothic post-rock of The Cure, and the anthemic qualities of Catherine Wheel into one cathartic number. The guitars are like fireworks while the pummeling drums are akin to the explosion we hear after seeing the sky illuminate with magnificent color. These four-and-a-half minutes are memorable, and for a brief moment we reflect on how fortunate our lives are." - The Revue

"We are here for all this band has to offer. The shoe gaze style on this one is shimmering, reminding us of some of our favorite acts. The San Diego duo dip into classic genres, while still staying refreshingly current and creative. “I Will” is an emotive track built on an impressive wall of sound that is unrivaled in modern music. Doom Bloom burst into our favorite acts without warning, and we have a feeling, they will be on top for awhile." - Ear To The Ground Music