"Lenient eyes provide no relief. Still I see red at night that feels free to chase me around me. Like a heart attack.

Oh, I hope you like you now."


From The Blogosphere:

“A touch of shoegaze, a bit of grunge and a very strong voice... "Ease Your Mind" is a pop-pearl that embraces you with a dreamlike chorus.” - Tonspion 

"Indie Rock without much compromise" - We Love That Sound

"U2 meets slowdive..." - The Zine (UK)

"E.L.K (Every Lucky Kiss) is a big vast shoe gaze affair with a huge wall wave of guitars and dreamy vocals... It is not only all encompassing and cool but drenched in a sort of romantic wave sound that screams the folly of youth and love. It should grace some modern flick in some sort version of John Hughes universe."

- American Pancake

"The title Ease Your Mind evokes the notion of free will in the face of fear and religion. This title does not apologize for atheism and even less that of religion, but raises the idea that we should not be afraid of the unknown and even less of the received ideas conveyed by popular beliefs." - Direct Actu